0% Fee HAC Mining Pool

WOWPOOL made for everyone free to mine $HAC. wowpool hosted on high speed server.
wowpool has 99.99% uptime and live stats reporting.

选择你信任的 0% 手续费 $HAC 矿池
WOWPOOL 让每个人都可以免费开采 $HAC。
WOWPOOL  托管在高速服务器上。
WOWPOOL  99.99% 的正常运行时间和实时统计报告。

 Setting up Poolworker

Please Download Latest $HAC Poolworker File only @ Officail Site Here.
Change the IP address in poolworker.config.ini file to
Enter your reward address and CPU Core # in supervene Then Save It !
Run poolworker and Happy Mining $HAC !!!
View mining status enter in your browser or click here

我们建议只下载官方提供的挖矿程序 : https://hacash.org
设置你的HAC奖励地址和电脑 CPU 核心数量: supervene 
运行 poolworker, Happy Mining $HAC !!!

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